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A Natural Science

When a virus infects a person it invades their cells in order to replicate. The immune system deploys various means to destroy the infected cells. T- Cells and NK (Natural Killer) cells recognize infected cells, and secrete a chemical that destroys the cell.

Virally infected cells produce and release small proteins called interferons which play a role in immune protection agains viruses, preventing replication of the virus, and also signaling neighboring cells of the presence of infection.

Antibodies: proteins that recognize invading viruses before they infect the cell and bind to them preventing their proliferation. 

Various herbs have the power to boost the immune response by stimulating the activity, production and effectiveness of it’s various components (proteins and immune chemicals)


For example:


1. Astragalus, a prominent herb in Chinese medicine is highly beneficial and stimulates the activity of NK cells, as well as been used to treat viral infections and is one of many immunity targeted ingredient in The THREE TREASURES - Ancient Eastern Balance.

2. Ashwaganda, a prominent Ayurvedic herb and its constituents have immune modulatory effects including the mobilization of macrophages, phagocytosis, and lysosomal enzymes. This was the inspiration for The AYURVEDIC - A Daily Tonic.




3. Ginseng stimulates natural killer cell activity and possibly other immune-system activity. 


4. An extract of Coriolis Mushroom (Turkey Tail) improves immune function by increasing white cell, natural killer cell and antibody levels.


5. Zhu Ling, Reishi and Cordyceps, three powerful Chinese medicinal mushrooms was found to induce the activation and maturation of antigen presenting cells and T-cells as well as anti-inflammatory benefits.


6. Cat’s Claw has been shown to also stimulate the T-Cell response.


7. Thyme can activate immune response and T-Cell proliferation. We use a concentrated form in our The BEE - Infused Honey.




8. Manuka honey stimulates cytokine induction which stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, infection and trauma. We use premium New Zealand Manuka honey and Raw Local Cali Sage Honey both for their therapeutic and immune boosting effects, and as potent carrier and to potentiate other herbs.


In today’s day and age using herbal remedies to activate, boost, and enhance ones immune response is no longer a weekend hobby or a symptomatic approach to healing, it is a necessity. We are blessed to have the availability of a large variety of very potent, quality, and pure herbal extracts (which we work with) that are deemed safe to consume even on a daily basis as an important maintenance for ones own health and well- being.