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A Healthy Immune System

A Healthy Immune System

Welcome to the next level of a Healthy Immune System.

In such a day and age with a plethora of many advanced technologies, knowledge, and modernization, the one thing we all have in common is: we all have a MIND.

We have the finest ingredients formulated to help Boost Your Immunity.
We also all have a HEART.

Since man kind has arrived to this planet, the one thing aside form survival they had to deal with IS their MIND.
We are all subject to a Primitive Area of mind, busy with survival, which if one thinks about it, in cave man era people where busy with surviving and protecting themselves from real dangers/threats such as wild animals (mostly) and environmental conditions, which today (mostly) are non existent.
So you may ask- what does the primitive area of mind protect us from in the modern era?
Well… it has transformed itself to searching for what will go wrong, searching for the danger, worry, fear, anxiety, and discontent with the moment. Hence it’s modern manifestation is almost completely mental/emotional…
The true “danger” is inside of us- our thoughts, feelings, fears, and limiting beliefs…

Ok, so how does all this tie into immunity and nutrition, you may ask…?
In times of global crisis as we are facing now, the primitive mind is triggered into emergency mode, and mainly fearing from incidents that didn’t even happen (yet), and jumping to conclusions based on some people getting infected (while ignoring the many who got over the corona…). Our meaning making machine tied into survival is now in full effect, causing people to stock on supplies and food as if end of times has arrived, and all due to our primitive area of mind which is now controlling our lives/actions/emotions/state. Due to this exacerbation in P.Mind activity, we are also experiencing a weakening of our immune system, meaning our thoughts and emotions have a biological effect on our cells.
What are the Solutions you may ask? …

Boost your immune system, with Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Essential Oils, BioDynamic Hemp, Raw Honey, Manuka Honey etc.

Dozens of vegan, organic, wild-crafted, Non GMO, and Gluten Free make up these unique Tinctures, Capsules, Honey, Powders and even our edible Hand Sanitizer


Here are some of our most popular IMMUNITY focused products that have been carefully formulated to provide you with far more than your minimal daily needs.