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Daoist Herbalism is a way of Life.

Daoist Herbalism is a way of Life.

An exotic blend of powerful, tonic-longevity adaptogenic herbs based in traditional Daoist herbalism.
Daoist herbalism is more than a medicinal tradition, it is a way of life.
The Dao is a term for all that there is, it is “how” things work, the essence, which was here before everything, is everything and is in everything. 
The dao is not a thing, sound, cannot changed, cannot be diluted, nor complimented. It is unity and one.
Daoism invites us to learn from everyone, no one is better than the other or more important. We are all sailing in a sea of exploration and evolution regardless of class, belief, color, and race.
Daoism is to live in unity with  heaven and earth, flowing with what is so vs fighting it or trying to be better then. To live in balance. 
It focuses on longevity and ultimately immortality, which points at striving to connect to our eternal selfs, our soul/spirit, which exists and carries on.
There is an importance placed in finding ways to help others and benefit society as the first and main focus, because our existence here is blessed.
Some key points on being and living:
- Greed leads to sickness and depletion of our energy reserves. Over consumption and wanting more is living out of balance within the body and with the environment. 
Hence simplicity in life and in the taoist herbal formulas is key.
-  Exhausting the body, does the same to the spirit and vice versa.
- Nourishing life, live to your potential. Calm spirit, objective, compassionate, never damage other ppl’s reputation, never boast, always strive to learn from others.
- Silence is a great source of strength. Striving to understand vs to be understood. Listening to understand vs waiting to respond. 
According to Doaism, our energies are divided into 3 types, which when in balance, contributes to a healthy life:
Jing- the wax of the candle- our body, its quality, substance, and the rate/balance in which is burns off chi.
Chi - the fire, our innate energy that runs us
Shen - the essence of the fire- the light, our spiritual body and qualities
These are also referred to as the 3 treasures.
Yin and Yang
Life and self are divided into yin and yang. 
Yin being the feminine, the receptive, the yielding and flowing, feeling and wholeness.  
Yang being the forceful, aggressive, too vocal, too much exertion of energy.
According to Daoism, the best is to strive to be mostly yin and only at times to extend our yang energy, when needed. This preserves the Jing, which impacts the other qualities.
Being yin means, we suggest, listen to understand vs to respond. Yield, be like water as Bruce Lee said. Yin is being present, composed, calm, neutral and non reactive. When force is needed momentarily to push through, yang may be used sparingly and in a focused controlled manner.
Martial arts for instance, are actually in their essence Yin arts, it’s the yielding and being composed which gives one power and agility. The eagerness, sternness, over exertion, macho type of approach to the arts actually can cause injury and depletion of the chi and jing (by overuse of Yang/force)
Cultivating the yin energy will lead to the shining of Shen (spiritual evolution)
The Three treasures:
A specific combination of 36 Daoist tonic longevity herbs, designed to provide a complete balance of our 3 energies: Jing Chi and Shen.
Instead of taking a stimulant, this blend provides energy as a result of balancing the function of our organs. 
Filled with potent, pure, organic herbal adaptogenic extracts used traditionally by Daoist monks.
Usage: 1/4 teaspoon 1-2 times per day directly on tongue and drink down with water, or in smoothie, cacao drink, or nut mylk.
Promotes a healthy, strong, and balanced body.
May be taken before bed as well to calm the nervous system.