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Hello friend,

I’m reaching out at these interesting times (of global and personal renewal), in which all of our various trainings and mastering is now put to a test, on all levels.

It’s been a while since I wrote a newsletter and I wish to take this opportunity to share a deep thank you to all those who have been supporting the minerals, even through the most turbulent of times.  

Thank you for those who reach out to me and inquire deeper into the world of minerals and self-development.

Those who follow me on instagram, might have seen through my story shares, I have been developing a very high quality, potent, pure, and charged line of plant- based formulas, targeted at immunity boosting, which is now realized to be a daily necessity as opposed to an occasional hobby or cleanse.

As part of a larger project named: Native Mystic, I am introducing to you IMMUNITY HERBALS- 9 formulas based on ancient plant wisdom from East and West, potently packed in a concentrated form for you to enjoy and be able to use anywhere, anytime, much like Auro.

As a past customer, I’m extending to you $10 off any order (for orders $20 and above) from IMMUNITY HERBALS.


Should you have any questions regarding the formulas, or need any support in these times with your life, you know you can reach out to me, as many of you do.
Its a time for doubling down on self-care: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Stay strong.

Nissim Malul