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Lotus Flower is beautiful to the sight, radiant and majestic.

Lotus Flower is beautiful to the sight, radiant and majestic.


A wild flower grown mostly in tropical regions of Asian countries, on water beds.

Beautiful to the sight, radiant and majestic, this flower has a mystical side to it, tending to our hearts and psyche.


What inspires me most about the various lotus flowers I work with is that aside from it being an amazing nootropic (cognitive enhancer), mood elevator, and  energy uplifiter, Lotus provides one the ability to look within themselves and resolve any issues they are going through.

In other words, Lotus supports self-introspection, resolution of: emotional disturbances and various limiting beliefs.


I have had people come to me and tell me that my Lotus Love formula, which contains 4 types of Lotus and Kanna, helped them process major grief and loss. Many have attested to its mood elevating and heart opening faculties.

The Lotus’s we use are wild crafted from Thailand, extracted into Kombucha brew, and provided to me as resin.

I use Red, Blue, Pink, White, and Space Lotus.

These Formulas have Lotus Flower in them

Lotus Love (Heart Opening)

Ultraviolet (enhances clairvoyance)

Deep Blue Lotus (Social)

Total Recall (Nootropic)

Master Mushroom (Immunity Boost)

InDaZone (focus and creativity) and others