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A widely discussed topic in the past few years. Re-introduced substances utilized by Russian military, athletes, and bio-hackers (a term most prevalent in the Silicone Valley programers community).

In general, what nootropics do is increase oxygen flow to the brain, and as a result increase cognitive function, focus, and creativity, mitigate oxidative stress and reduce cellular stress levels.


Some also increase stamina and power, and reduce recovery time. Many may also promote healing of tissues, muscles and bones, and regeneration of nerves (neuroplasticity). 

Many nootropics are lab synthesized substances (chemicals), which can also have side effects on the body such as mood swings, heart palpitations, insomnia, and adrenal fatigue, so there is a price in taking them.

There are several plants/herbs which are nootropics as well, and many can have no side-effects when taken in proper dosages, as well as have long-term beneficial effects on the cells and nervous system.

Such Herbs and Mushrooms:

Lion's Mane - known to adjust mood (alleviate depression), regenerate nerves (allow suppressed emotions/trauma to come up to surface and heal), increase focus and stamina. Can be used in extract powder or liquid. And can be cooked (whole mushroom).

Celastrus Paniculatus - (The Intelligence Tree)- an Ayurvedic herb used to support Alzheimers patients, support the nerves, reduces inflammation, and improves cognitive function by calming the nervous system. Elevates mood and may alleviate depression.

Blueberry Extract - improves cognitive function, reduces cellular stress levels, reduces inflammation, nervous system support. May be beneficial to Alzheimers patients.

We use numerous nootropics from the plant source, in powder, liquid, salt, and oil formats.

We avoid using caffeine or stimulants which can cause a crash in mood, fatigue, or adrenal depletion. 


Our Nootropics Formulas:

The Lions Mane - focus, mood, stamina. 10 mushrooms + 10 plant based nootropics + monoatomic gold (salt based nootropic).

The Total Recall - focus, creativity, memory recall. Zero.

Samurai Drops - focus, power, clarity, mood. Liquid tincture, and capsule forms.

Cognition - a plant based cold pressed oil blend with: celastrus oil, black seed oil, reishi spore oil, and the potent ingredients. Designed to support the nervous system, and provide omega fatty acids to the body (essential).