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The Perfect Environment

The Perfect Environment

The Perfect Environment

I wonder how many of us knew the fact that each herb and medicinal mushroom actually requires a specific environment and weather in order to develop it’s healing properties.
Take the Chaga mushroom for example, which is anti viral, anti bacterial, immune boosting, and a strong anti inflammatory- it requires 60 years in extreme cold weather to fully evolve to where it can deliver said properties.

We use Chaga which is grown in Siberia, and withstands extreme weather to full maturity.

We pride ourselves for sourcing our herbs in their country of origin. Such as various Lotus flowers which grow in their native Thailand.

 Reishi and other Chinese medicinal mushrooms which grow in specific elevations deep in the mountains of China.

As for Ashwaganda, Bacopa, Amla, Shatavari and other Ayurvedic herbs, which grow in various locations in India.

We source Mastik oil from Greece, which is very necessary for this mediterranean shrub to grow properly, exemplifying amazing anti bacterial and anti viral properties.

We strive for Organic certified, and in many cases Wild Crafted which is even better. Some of these ingredients include heirloom varieties of plants, meaning that their original seed was never modified to be cultivated in a farm or for commercial uses. Such are our 4 types of Lotus flowers, Butterfly Pea flowers, Kanna, Cacao, Lavender, and other herbs which can be considered as wild crafted. 

Our Hemp is grown BIODYNAMICALLY and locally in California by two dear brothers, using volcanic minerals as a main source of fertilization. A BioDynamic farm is treated as a whole living organism, each component of the farm has a role and depends on the other for the success of the whole. Our Hemp CBD is full spectrum pressed into Rowsin from the Hemp flowers, with no other processing, and contains all canabanoids of the plant for synergistic effect.

We work with herbal extracts in power, liquid and resin form. Many of them are custom made from us by small mom and pop operations around the world. Extracts allow people to receive the various plants benefits by only using a little bit at a time, consistently.

We consistently strive to find more and more pure and effective sources for our ingredients, staying as close and true to their source, as well as making a point to support family owned businesses, and to know where their heart lays too (passion or profit).