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This Flu Season

This Flu Season

During this flu season, where our immune systems can use a proper boost, there are many options out there.

The issue is who to trust?, what to take?, what works?, and who is being transparent about their ingredients and processing?

It’s a pickle!

Most of the “natural health” industry is based on margins and numbers. This  can easily d
istract a lot of us from the original approach of herbal medicine.

Which for me has always been about  providing real benefits with wild crafted

herbs received from their natural habitat. Without the hype, fluff, marketing dollars, fancy labels, or “big” names behind it.

I put together a simple package to provide an immune boost. This package is also safe and beneficial for children and adults.
I use only full herb, full fruit, full plant. No isolates, no fillers, no preservatives, no GMO, no playing games.


The SACRED CAn exotic plant based vitamin c (from Acerola cherry) blend with anti viral, immunity boosting, and lung supporting herbs, plus two biblical herbs. 1-3 month supply.
- Contains 8 types of Frankincense ground resin: anti-inflammatory, anti viral, anti-anxiety, IBS support, master herb
- Contains Hyssop biblical herb: respiratory support
- Full spectrum plant based vitamin C based in Acerolla Cherry, Elderberry, and also frankincense.  
- Grounding
- Invigorating
- Reduces Stress
- Powerful flu support
The DUO - Powerful immune system boost for times of crisis. Based in Medicinal Mushrooms, and Super Anti-Inflammatory Master Herbs from East and West. 1-2 month supply.
- Contains hand pressed Frankincense Oleo-Resin
- Biodynamic Full spectrum Hemp resin
- Strong support during for flu outbreak
- Tincture form, direct absorption 
- All liquid extracts made in house from potent and wild harvested herbs and mushrooms, in organic cane alcohol, and shasta spring water

The BIO ELECTRICA combination of 70-100 ionic bioavailable minerals from volcanic rock, coupled with Spagyric extracts of Graviola and Moringa (superfoods, master healer herbs).  1-3 Month Supply.

- Alkalizing 

- Enhance focus, stamina
- Balancing for the hormones
- Improve sleep cycle
- Removes calcium deposits
- Neutralize over 250+ contaminants in water
- Enhances any liquid consumed
- Enhanes cellular hydration
- Immune support
- Anti-inflammatory