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Have you ever considered that plants have an innate wisdom within them? A wisdom to its depths and accuracy that we may never be able to fully comprehend.

I wonder if you have ever taken a moment to observe the alignment and order which exists within a flower, a leaf, or more pronounced various succulents…

There is an intelligent design that exists within any living thing on this planet. And there is a reason each plant has very specific attributes and qualities. It’s as if each plant is part of a bigger puzzle and is crucial for the integrity of the whole. 

You may already be thinking… Do I have a specific purpose? … and that is a good thing to think, isn’t it?… which is another topic for a whole new discussion.

As mentioned, each herb has a specific purpose on this planet, and because of this all of its components are important.

Taking a part of the herb, isolating it, and stuffing it into a capsule or product just means man has decided to be “smarter” than nature and show it that it knows better, all while the innate intelligence of the whole plant is dis-honored and ignored.

The true medicine men which were (still are) more prevalent in the Amazon forests and other tribal settings around the world literally communicate with the plants and nature. They listen, tune-in, allow, receive and respect nature, which is providing us a whole picture and a wide broad view on health and evolution. 

We can think about this world and the ecology as a computer. Same to when we cannot remove or isolate one piece of the computer and expect the entire machine to work with integrity, same goes for the ecology. Each animal, insect, leaf, tree, shrub, fungi, cloud, and season have a specific purpose. 

With this virus that is now plaguing the planet, we might want to consider that this is part of the same intelligent design, which is forcing the know-all humans to take a break from abusing the ecology, as well as abusing themselves.\





We choose to honor each plant for its holistic intelligence. We avoid isolating parts of it, and choose to use the entire herb for it’s nutritional and healing benefits. 


For example: 


  • In order to provide a full spectrum of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids etc), we choose to use superfood (dense nutrition) herbs such as: moringa, spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, Acai, baobab etc.


  • We avoid the white cloak and PhD approach of “designing” a formula in a lab, using isolated B, C, A, D vitamins and minerals. Not our cup of tea, and that goes in the complete opposite of the vast richness that nature is here to provide us, should we choose to listen and honor it.
  • We use whole herb extracts (10:1-100:1 concentrated), whole plant wisdom, organic or wild crafted when possible, even biodynamic (which in and of itself is a system of honoring natures cycles, and consciousness).



Many supplements in the market today ignore these points. Many are still about profits and numbers first, and quality 2nd or even 5th. The focus is on hype, branding, labeling, packaging, which all can be a distraction from what the product actually contains. A fancy packaging can also serve as a convincer that the said product is of quality, all while customers are being duped to think so. I have spotted various formulas which are based on even toxic ingredients, yet there is so much hype around them, that people will just click the buy now button without even considering what is inside, and more so- what is the consciousness of those who are behind the product.

Most companies have an idea of s supplement, then they hire a formulator, normally a white cloak chemist, who is many times very removed from natures wisdom, to “formulate” them various supplements, nootropics, “cosmetics”, etc. All this without even touching the plant, connecting to it, feeling into what is the best combination to create, and what do the plants want to say and communicate through this formula.

As a person who spent years in sourcing pure ingredients, I know what stuff costs, and it’s very much a disgrace and insult to the plant world considering how cheap ingredients are, and how much of a low quality they are. I will pay 10-1000 times more to buy really pure and beautiful ingredients, while knowing who is the person behind them (where their heart lays).

I can go on and on about this, but you get the picture...

I hope these words can serve as an eye opener to consider a whole new approach to the plant world. In the same way people speak to their dog or cat, consider that a plant can communicate as well, and has a story to tell us should we choose to honor it and thank it for what it has come to teach us.