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Wooden Spoon


Our custom engraved wooden spoon is the perfect tool to use with our powder formulas. You can purchase it by itself or choose any of our unique immunity packages and receive it as a complimentary gift.   *DISCLAIMER Immunity Herbals...

The TASTE - Freeze Dried Fruit

$35.00 $20.00

"The TASTE" is a healthy plant based taste enhancer which goes great as an addition to any of our herb or mushroom powders. It contains Organic freeze dried mango and banana powders with Organic Longan fruit extract 10:1. Add a little bit on the...

Miron Jar 100ml


We offer our Miron Glass Bio-photonic glass jar which allows only UVA and InfraRed Rays to enter which preserves the bioavailability of the contents.  This is a perfect item to use with our powders if you prefer to store them...

Treasure Chest


We offer our unique vintage Treasure Chests as a great addition for any of your immunity products or bundles. This is a perfect item to use to keep your daily immunity ritual items together and organized. Each beautiful chest comes with...