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The INFINITY ♾ - Mushroom Boost & Strength


The INFINITY 8 gives people access to a wider variety of the most Medically used mushrooms. This formula initially started as 8 mushrooms and 8 herbs but has grown over time to include a few more immunity boosting mushrooms.  BOGO offer- enter...

Master Mushroom - Turbo Boost & Resilience


MASTER MUSHROOM is for those seeking to maximize the benefits of 20 medicinal mushrooms. It was created with the intention of providing a comprehensive immunity boosting mushroom formula, coupled with strong adaptogenic benefits.   Why are Mushrooms so Great?   Mushrooms have...

The DUO - Immunity Boost & Resilience

$92.00 $65.00

The DUO was inspired by understanding the value of both herbs and medicinal mushrooms and their potency when separated from each other. It was motivated by the fact that some people with compromised immune systems need a very fast and effective all around immunity boost.  ...