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The SACRED C - Energy & Lung Support


The SACRED C is an effective and enhanced full spectrum Vitamin C formula infused with 2 biblical herbs. It was motivated by the fact that our bodies respond better to whole fruit based vitamins.   THE BOTTOM LINE: 1/4 tsp a day...

The LION'S MANE - Brain Support & Focus


The LION'S MANE is the most important product we have for Brain Support. It was motivated by the fact that these days we are overstimulating our nervous system.   THE BOTTOM LINE: 1-2 capsules a day is intended to increase focus and may...

The INFINITY ♾ - Mushroom Boost & Resilience


MUSHROOM BOOST & RESILIENCE "The INFINITY ♾" consists of 11 medicinal mushrooms and 8 traditional Chinese herbs. A balanced formula of the most potent and widely used mushrooms, together with important herbs that all have potential immune strengthening properties. We know...

The 3 TREASURES - Balance & Longevity


The 3 TREASURES was inspired by longevity practices from Traditional Daoist Herbalism. It was motivated by the fact that tonic herbs naturally adapt to your body to reduce the stress response.   THE BOTTOM LINE: 1/4 tsp. powder per day or 1-2 capsules...

The BEE - Immunity Manuka Honey

$45.00 $5.00

The BEE was inspired by the fact that honey is one of the most powerful ingredients found in nature. It is meant to be a great alternative for people who want their immunity boosting herbs tasting delicious. It was motivated by the fact that certain...

The AYURVEDIC - Calm & Balance


The AYURVEDIC was inspired by the Traditional Practices from the native medicine of India. It is meant to help support all 3 doshas according to Ayurvedic Medicine.   WHAT IS A DOSHA: The three energies that define every person's makeup. Each...

The TOTAL RECALL - Extra Focus & Memory


EXTRA FOCUS & MEMORY The TOTAL RECALL is a Plant based Energetically Enhanced Nootropic Formula. CLICK HERE to learn more about this formula and see if it's the right match for you.  Use: 25OFFCAPS for 25% off your purchase  

Master Mushroom - Turbo Boost & Resilience


MASTER MUSHROOM is for those seeking to maximize the benefits of 20 medicinal mushrooms. It was created with the intention of providing a comprehensive immunity boosting mushroom formula, coupled with strong adaptogenic benefits.   Why are Mushrooms so Great?   Mushrooms have...

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