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The INFINITY 8 - 8 Mushrooms & 8 Herbs

$55.00 $45.00

"The INFINITY 8" consists of 11 medicinal mushrooms and 8 traditional Chinese herbs. A balanced formula of the most potent and widely used mushrooms, together with important herbs that all have potential immune strengthening properties. We know not everyone loves...

The THREE TREASURES - Traditional Eastern Balance

$55.00 $44.00

A traditional Daoist adaptogenic formula used for longevity and as a tonic herb by Daoist monks throughout their lifetime. "The THREE TREASURES" blend caters to proponents of traditional Chinese medicine, and it’s ancient wisdom.    CLICK HERE to learn more about this formula...

The DUO - Immunity Boosting Mushrooms and Herbs

$92.00 $70.00

A compact and packed duo blend of powerful immunity boost on the go. "The DUO" was formulated for a quick pick me up whenever we feel our system is down or low. Even 1/2 a dropper under the tongue has the potential...