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"The AYURVEDIC" was created for those who are firm users and believers in Ayurvedic medicine and its magical properties. An adaptogenic herb blend that contains the ancient wisdom of herbs used by Hindu saints, and scriptures which at times were a replacement for actual food.

We know not everyone loves the taste of natural herbs and medicines in its purest form so we wanted to let you know that our...

50gr powder Jar comes with COMPLIMENTARY The TASTE - Freeze Dried Fruit

100gr powder Pouch comes with COMPLIMENTARY The TASTE - Freeze Dried Fruit


Major Potential Benefits:


  • Tone, Support and Revitalizing of Bodily Functions
  • Increased Awareness and Elevated Consciousness
  • Memory Improvement and Focus
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Anti Inflammatory Properties
  • Blood Cleansing
  • Overall Immune Strengthening


More Potential Benefits:


  • Increased Energy Level
  • Stress Reduction


Serving Size:

50gr Powder- 1/4 tsp. per serving // 40 servings included

100gr Powder- 1/4 tsp. per serving // 80 servings included

80 Vegan Caps - 1 cap per serving // 80 servings included



Seabuckthorn fruit*, Black Ginger*, Rhodiola*, Turmeric*, Bacopa*, Tribulus*, Mucuna*, Goji*, Ashwagandha*, Noni*, Gotu Kola*, Gingko*, Suma*, Acai*, Mangosteen*, Holy Basil*, Triphala*, Amla*, Butterfly flower^, Pine Pollen, Moringa*, Shatavari*, Cat’s Claw*, Guduchi*, Lavender*, Piperine, Ormus.

*Organic. ^Wild-crafted


Other Ingredients:

Vegan Pullulan Caps, no fillers





We use the finest ingredients, sourced from all across the globe, which are hand picked for their: purity, integrity, potency, and effectiveness. All of our products are locally hand crafted and made to order in California. It's not only the ingredients that matters, it's who is behind it, who is growing it and the quality and essence of their intention and energy, which are most important. Formulas are a result of a deep listening, respect, and honor to the plant world, and are received vs. taken credit for. We believe that by listening and tuning into plants and the elements, the answers are delivered in the best way possible, bypassing the ego and the conscious mind.



Immunity Herbals staff members are not medical professionals and do not distribute or infer medical advice and information. The FDA has not approved any of the statements or products made by Immunity Herbals. Immunity Herbals products and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure and/or prevent disease. While your results can and will vary, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are nursing, pregnant, taking medication or have a medical condition, you should consult your physician before taking any of our products. Note some products are advised for persons 18 years and older.