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The LION'S MANE Formula

The LION'S MANE Formula

The LION'S MANE is a combination of 10 medicinal immunity boosting mushrooms (Agaricus, Boletus, Chaga, Cordyceps, Fomes Fomentarius, Lions Mane, Poria Cocos, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail), cognitive enhancement herbs (Celastrus - the intelligence tree, Gingko, Teacrine - an extract from tea, L-theanine - calming the nervous system, Cat’s claw - Peruvian herb, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting), adaptogenic herbs (balancing and tonic: Jiaogulan, Pine Pollen- strengthening/stamina, Rehmannia, Rhodiola - siberian strengthening herb,  Yuan Zhi - used by buddhist monks for meditation, Jujube - harmonizing herb, glances the effects of other herbs; Deer antler, Ashwaganda - grounding, Turmeric - overall anti-inflammatory, black pepper - activates the turmeric).

Major Potential Benefits:


  • Neuroplasticity
  • Regeneration
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Tonifying


More Potential Benefits:


  • Increased Energy Level
  • Stress Reduction


Serving Size:


80 Vegan Caps - 1 cap per serving // 80 servings included

120 Vegan Caps - 1 cap per serving // 120 servings included



Lions Mane*, Cordyceps*, Reishi*, Chaga*, Rehmannia*, Celastrus Paniculatus^, Rhodiola*, Fomes Fomentarius*, Poria Cocos*, Shiitake*, Turkey Tail*, Yuan Zhi^, Jiaogulan^, Boletus Edulis*, Agaricus Blazei*, Achyranthes Bidentata*, Gingko*, Turmeric^*, Chen Pi*, L-Theanine^, Monoatomic Gold^


[ *Organic  |  ^Wild-Crafted ]

Other Ingredients:

Vegan Pullulan Caps, no fillers


Mushroom Comparision Chart:




We use the finest ingredients, sourced from all across the globe, which are hand picked for their: purity, integrity, potency, and effectiveness. All of our products are locally hand crafted and made to order in California. It's not only the ingredients that matters, it's who is behind it, who is growing it and the quality and essence of their intention and energy, which are most important. Formulas are a result of a deep listening, respect, and honor to the plant world, and are received vs. taken credit for. We believe that by listening and tuning into plants and the elements, the answers are delivered in the best way possible, bypassing the ego and the conscious mind.



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