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L-theanine - calms the nervous system




We use the Highest Potency Plant extracts (10x-100x).

Moringa - filled with iron among many other nutrients. An effective, natural way to prevent tiredness and fatigue (organic)

Damiana - small aromatic shrub with aphrodisiac qualities known as a general health tonic and a digestive aid used for stress relief, stomach ulcers, menstrual symptoms and urinary tract infections (organic)

Valerian - natural and herbal sleep aid used to ease insomnia, anxiety and nervous restlessness, and can lower blood pressure (organic)

Kanna - improves mood, increases euphoria and relaxation, and fights against stress, anxiety and depression (wild crafted)

Muira Puama - a medicinal plant found in the Amazon rainforest that seems to help with sexual dysfunction, and may improve cognitive function and reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. (organic)

Tulsi "holy basil" - known for its therapeutic power when it comes to maintaining homeostasis and fighting the effects of stress (organic)

Lavender - reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and manage pain (organic)

Lotus - heart opening flower used to treat diarrhea, infection, cough, high blood pressure, and fever (wild crafted)

Astragalus - antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities which give it a broad range of therapeutic uses ranging from heart and liver disease to common colds and allergies (organic)

Ginseng  - helps with depression, anxiety and as a chronic fatigue natural treatment. Boosts the immune system, and fights infections (organic)

Shatavari - a member of the asparagus family. It is also known as an adaptogenic herb, which is said to help your body cope with physical and emotional stress. As it is a general health tonic to improve vitality, making it an important herb in ayurvedic medicine (organic)

Ashwagandha Root Extract - an adaptogenic herb is valued for its thyroid-modulating, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties (organic)

Piperine "black pepper" - high in antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory properties (organic)

Bacopa "Brahmi": a plant that has been used in traditional Indian medicine for improving memory, backache, and joint pain (organic)

Celastrus "elixir of life" - may help protect the brain and improve memory

(wild crafted)

Gingko "memory nut" - improved memory, focus and attention span (organic)

Rhodiola - siberian strengthening herb (organic)

Pine Pollen - increased energy and vitality and can also stimulate the immune system to fight diseases, boosts brain health, promotes detox, and alleviates pain (organic)



Monoatomic Gold "ormus" - a precious mineral complex that can  have a healing effect on the pineal gland, body and brain (wild crafted)



All our Mushrooms are Fruiting Bodies containing 20%-50% Beta Glucan.

Lion's Mane "yamabushitake" - contain bioactive substances that have beneficial effects on the body, especially the brain, heart and gut. (organic)


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Immunity Herbals staff members are not medical professionals and do not distribute or infer medical advice and information. The FDA has not approved any of the statements or products made by Immunity Herbals. Immunity Herbals products and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure and/or prevent disease. While your results can and will vary, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are nursing, pregnant, taking medication or have a medical condition, you should consult your physician before taking any of our products. Note some products are advised for persons 18 years and older.